Meet the XCAT

Can your daysailer? 

  • Act as a family Paddleboard
  • Get a workout as a Rower
  • Row facing forward
  • Withstand G8 Winds
  • Easily Stored and Transported on the roof of your car
xcat sailing group on beach

XCAT BASIC Key Features

  • Frame parts are made from anodized aluminum ensure durability and resistance against sea water
  • The hull skin is HDPE – Weatherproof, impact resistant and dirt repellent plastic that is easy to clean
  • Low hulls make a swim ladder unnecessary
  • High quality Textilene® for the trampoline netting
  • The hulls are filled with EPP particle foam, extremely resistant to impact, unsinkable and virtually indestructible
  • Precise steering with Tiller-Fix while Stand Up Paddling
  • Only click- and plug connectors for a simple, quick setup without extra tools

Catamaran finds practicality 

Years ago, the only way to sail a day sailor was either to tow it each time (and find  a place to store) or pay those outrageous slip fees. Meet the X-Cat, this simple yet amazing sailboat lets you store it as easy as two kayaks while creating an ultra stable catamaran capable of withstanding gale force winds (B8). The X-CAT assembles on on shore after a little practice you’ll well underway in under 20 minutes. 

The XCAT Basic consists of just 5 parts that you can easily transport and store on any normal car. 2 hulls, 2 cross-bars and center section – consisting of the trampoline and side beams. It all adds up to 121 lbs. None of the individual parts weighs more than 38.5 lbs. 5 parts that you can carry, transport, assemble and dismantle all on your own – without tools. The XCAT Basic can be assembled in 3 min.


Extremely smooth in the water, thanks to the hulls, which are optimized for rowing. Plenty of speed with just a little wind. A short mast and generous size sail (90.5 ft²) gives a lot of safety. And it is fast: Force 1-2 = 10 kph, Force 2-3 = 20 kph, Force 4-5 = 28 kph thanks to the lightweight hulls, the light overall weight of 75 kg (XCAT + sailing rig) and a unique mainsail that generates a very high power with its ingenious loop system.

Automatic heave-to for a break on the water

The XCAT does it with finesse by counter-steering automatically. Haul in the main sheet, roll in the jib, shift your weight to the front and the XCAT does the rest automatically: the boat turns into the wind, moves back, the rudder counter-steers the stern to port or starboard and the boat moves forwards again. As it turns into the wind again it repeats the whole cycle, but in the other direction. The result: the XCAT swings in the wind between 15° to port and 15° to starboard, and that works even when a storm suddenly develops. Safety that only the XCAT can offer.

Genoa style head sail instead of a jib

    • Provides excellent power and can be rolled in quickly with the endless roller.
    • Main sail with 6 easy-to-fit sail battens. 
    • Strong and tough 6 oz. Dacron sail cloth.
  • Thanks to the hull keels, the XCAT is unbelievably smooth in the water and virtually has an integrated self-steering system. On the XCAT you can simply let go of the tiller and control the boat by shifting your weight. Move your weight forward and the XCAT luffs up into the wind, regardless of the direction it is coming from. Move your weight aft and the XCAT steers away from the wind. That is simply awesome.
  • Boats with a dagger board only hold their course if they are steered with care. On longer trips it is tiring to always have to concentrate on steering.
  • Easy running up on the beach
  • No sensitive folding dagger board design
  • Low risk of capsizing (Side pressure on dagger board increases the tendency to capsize)



RowVista® forward rowing system offer the same performance as traditional rowing configurations. An adjustable stop limits movement to the rear so that you can row without using foot straps. Very comfortable, if you want to row barefoot in summer. The oarlocks snap onto the side beams without the need for tools. The sliding seat runs smoothly and quietly along the center beam on six ball bearings. The foot stretcher unit can be attached onto the center beam and can be locked in 5 positions for optimum weight distribution.

A technical masterpiece

The world’s best forward rowing system with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated. RowVista® system holds both national and international patents, and pending patents. Over the past 100 years, more than 250 patents have been registered for forward rowing systems. None are practical due to inadequate feathering systems..

Xcat sculling row vista

RowVista in Action

Key Features

  • A technical masterpiece – Oar blade feathering despite reverse direction
  • No energy is wasted thanks to the highly efficient linkage
  • During sailing, the oars are folded together and can be stowed under the seat
  • Second seat on the center beam – For a passenger or rowing partner
  • Bow net for the Basic Boat – Optimal for stowing luggage on longer tours
  • The powerful rocker arm transmits and amplifies the rotation of the handle to the oar blade. The handle rotates just 65° to rotate the blade 85°. That means less stress on your wrists. Patented worldwide. 
  • High strength con rods with ball heads transfer the rotation from the handle to the rocker arm independently of the angle of the oar.
  • Positioning cam for defined vertical and horizontal blade positions. This system eliminates the risk of “catching a crab”. (An expression used in rowing when the rower is unable to remove the oar blade from the water at the end of the drive stroke)
  • Ball bearings in hinge prevent power loss in the linkage mechanism. Smooth running ball bearings for easy oar blade feathering. That protects your hands and minimises the formation of blisters.
  • Carbon fibre tubes for handle and oar blade: smooth rowing thanks to lightweight materials, even in the toughest conditions.

Row Motion

Rowmotion detail zoom
  • Sculls with carbon fiber tube – For easy blade feathering with adjustable cuff
  • Second seat on the center beam – For a passenger or rowing partner
  • Bow net for the Basic Boat – Optimal for stowing luggage on longer tours
  • During sailing, the oars are folded together and can be stowed under the seat

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