RowOnAir Dude RowVista and RowMotion

ROWonAIR® lets you row on inflatable SUP boards, kayaks and skiffs as well as on your own inflatable or hard shell Stand Up Paddle board, kayak, canoe or any other style of boat.  For rowing or sculling choose between two unique rowing systems: RowVista® and RowMotion®.

With RowVista®, the innovative high-tech forward rowing system with oar blade feathering for beginners and professionals, you row in the direction you are facing.

With RowMotion® you row in classic reverse style, just like with conventional rowing and sculling. 


Rowing Options


High-tech forward rowing system

With RowVista®, the innovative system with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated, you row in the direction you are facing and can avoid damaging your boat and oars. The RowVista® forward rowing oars are foldable and are only 2.06 m (81″) long when folded.

RowOnAir RowVista Woman
RowOnAir RowVista Team
RowOnAir RowVista SUP 14
RowOnAir Rowotion Mojo
RowOnAir RowMotion Dude
RowOnAir RowMotion Air Kayak

Classic reverse rowing system

With RowMotion® you row in classic reverse style, just like with conventional rowing and sculling. The classic sculls are also available as a 2-piece version with a length of 1.75 m (69″) when dismantled (optional). 

Attach and secure the Rowing Skid quickly and easily to the MOJO 18′, DUDE 18′AIRKAYAK 16′SUP 14′AIRSKIFF 17′ or your own Stand Up Paddle board, canoe, kayak, and convert it into a high-performance sculling boat with sliding seat.









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